There are two parts to every lawsuit, there is liability and there are damages.
Damages, means you must have been injured monetarily, physically, emotionally or sometimes the damage is someone is encroaching on your rights. This is usually the easiest part of any case because without damages you do not have a reason to sue someone.

The other and more important is liability. You have to prove that the person you want to sue is responsible for your injuries. For example, just because you fell at the supermarket does not mean the supermarket is at fault for your injury, maybe you tripped over your own shopping cart.  Thus, the other party must have done something wrong or failed to do something right.

Civil lawsuits are not always about money.  You can sue someone to have the Courts "declare" a fact. For example you can have the Courts declare that a 3 feet tract where the fence that divides your property from your neighbor's, is, despite your neighbor's protests, actually your property.

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