Contracts are as essential to any business transaction, including something as simple as between you and your lawn maintenance crew. Understanding your rights and obligations under a contract, as well as the options available in case of a breach, are essential for protecting your interests.

I review and draft contracts for clients in business and personal matters. If you are unsure of whether a contract is in your best interest, our lawyers can explain the terms and conditions involved and how it could impact your business, bargaining power, and ability to seek damages in case of a breach.

When reviewing a contract, we not only look at what is written in the contract that is critical, but what needs to be added to the contract to protect your interests.  Let our  attorneys help sort out the complicated language of your agreements and ensure that your interests are protected. When entering into a transaction with another party, we make sure your rights are protected and your liabilities limited.

I help our clients with every aspect of contracts: drafting, review, revision, and negotiation. 

A company's success or failure can often be traced to the fine print of their business contracts. I am meticulous in the preparation of all types of contracts.

I am available to write or review any contract your company may need for any business situation your company may encounter. We can also prepare commercial leases for retail, office, and industrial sites your business may own. I am available to be your advisor in all your business dealings. Whatever type of agreement your company needs, I am experienced in formalizing the terms and counseling you on the benefits and risks.

For most people, reading a contract can be absolutely mind-numbing. Yet, stipulations and obligations that could sink your business may be hidden within the complicated legal terms. Do not sign a contract without a thorough review by an experienced contract attorney who can navigate the legal language and help you avoid potential risks and maximize the financial benefits to your company.

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